After 18 years of hard work and with truly grateful hearts we thank all of the wonderful supporters and volunteers at Opportunities for the Disabled Foundation…

Our efforts have made a real difference and “together” we have helped thousands of people to live more fulfilling and independent lives in Canada, and throughout the world.

Opportunities for the Disabled Foundation had some truly great achievements. Some of which include:

Disability Resources Guides

A valuable resource for physically challenged

Opportunities for the Disabed Foundation produced a top quality well researched guide for physically challenged individuals and those that served them.

We were able to produce and distribute 11 Editions in British Columbia and 3 editions in Ontario. Our distribution of this unique resource guide was offered in two provinces, and our readership was over 100,000 individuals.

International Relief Aid

An O.F.T.D.F. Initiative that helped thousands of people

Opportunities for the Disabled Foundation was proud to help of thousands upon thousands of people in the Philipinnes,and India with our unique initiative,

The Organization with the help of local hospitals,and dozens of volunteers were able to collect and send several 40 foot containers of medical equipment items and send them to public hospitals in need.

Literally tens of thousands of people benefited and continue to use the equipments we sent them to this day. The items they received included hospital beds, walkers, scooters, and an assortment of viable medical equipment items.

Computer and medical equipment donations program

Unique initiatives by Opportunities for the Disabled

So many individuals “fall through the cracks" in our medical care system and many cannot afford the basic needs they have. Opportunities for the Disabled Foundation identified these unique needs that could be filled by giving physically challenged individuals a computer and or the equipment that they needed.
The computer would open the doors virtually to the individual and would allow so many benefits such as researching critical issues, finding employment, meeting new friends, finding support groups, and experiencing many other wonderful virtual beneifts with out limitations.

These programs virtually opened up the world to otherwise confined persons.These programs were successful and we were able to place hundreds of computers to individuals with special needs across canada and thousands of pieces of medical equipment to those in need.


Opportunities for the Disabled Foundation has closed Charitable operations in 2015


If you should require any assitance please email us and we will reply as soon as possible

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